WTF is this guy on?

Ever wondered how a bumbling, slightly awkward guy gets on looking for lust at SXSW? Let’s see…

I’m just a guy, a thousand miles from home, probably having some kind of a life crisis, searching SXSW for for passion, lust or even tenderness, just to share a moment and make someone look back at SXSW 2011 with a hint of coyness to their smile.

All this talk of social, start-ups, media and this, that and the other, most of it total bull, and I just sat there one day thinking? What is SXSW really about? I mean, all these people, thousands of miles from home… what really goes on? It can’t just be alcohol!

I’ve spent nearly all of my life behaving myself and playing by the rules and I can’t help wonder what I missed out on. Nowadays, being in a long term relationship, I get plenty of sex, but have lost my sense of passion and adventure, and forgotten what it’s like to share that moment with someone for the first time. Then I look around me and see people who could also really use some of that reinvigoration… why don’t they just ask?! Why can’t we talk about that like grown ups and go have some fun?

If we’re all honest and genuinely believe the phrase ‘no strings attached’ then what people at home don’t know about won’t hurt them. Seriously it won’t.

So, I thought, screw it. Let’s see what I’ve been missing. Some people seem to be able to be grown up about it, and share a lustful moment or few with a like-minded individual when they’re miles from home.. so why not me?

Who am I looking for? Nobody and everybody. Nobody in particular, and I’ll consider everyone. In fact, the more the merrier, the more diverse the better. Straight, gay, tranny, fat, thin, tall, short, disabled, black, white, Asian… whatever. Why should that matter? And this is some kind of life crisis right? So screw it, let’s experiment and I’ve only got a few days!

I do exist elsewhere on Twitter and do have a proper job in the industry (didn’t say which one: Film, Interactive or Music), so this is an anonymous blog and Twitter stream… hopefully! And if you do get in touch, do remember, my anonymity is just as important to me as yours is to you!

By the way, I’m not God’s gift, but not bad looking, not obese or anything, pretty average in most respects, tallish, late 30’s.. that kind of thing. So if you’re interested to know what I find out, or even want to get in touch.. stay tuned.

Find me on Twitter:


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