Changing minds, changing underpants

11 Mar

So the interesting part of this for me is that I have to put myself into a totally different mindset. In real life, if I swear on a blog post I’ll get right royally fucked up the ass  by the powers that be (see what I did there?). And I’d never talk about my journey to sexual liberation, that’s for sure.

But here at SXSW, playing the SeXSW game, both those are obligatory, and it requires a significant shift in mind-set.

In daily life, I’m a reasonably straight, professional albeit very informal industry type. Reputation is everything, and equally staying married is pretty important too – so in the age of the social web there’s no way I’m going to talk about any of those things on my blog.

Equally, in normal life I would almost never talk about sex with anyone. Certainly I wouldn’t tell them my feelings towards them, or anyone else. So, making sure I don’t drop into character as @SeXSW and blurt out something inappropriate might be tough.

So, keeping the two sides separate is going to be hard. Compartmentalisation, both in my head and on my technology is key! Incognito browsing mode on my laptop, a secret email account hidden away on my phone… all that stuff. And the moment I post a SeXSW Tweet from my normal account.. is the moment I have to change my underpants.

Right now, I’m playing the ‘most beautiful woman in the shuttle  bus’ game (don’t tell me you’ve never played this game). This is often coupled with the ‘most interesting woman on the bus’ contest, and the winners are seldom the same people I hate to say. If a woman has ‘obvious beauty’, the kind of sexuality that’s in your face, sure that makes me want to fuck them, but the more intricate the personality, and the psyche, the more I see beauty in the less obvious. The kind of time I’d spend with the latter would be the one that I seek out this week. Passion, lust, intimacy, fun, that’s what it’s all about. Getting laid is easy… it costs about $250 an hour, and that has its place (more on that later), but making a connection, and leaving SXSW with that knowing smile on your face is priceless.

Anyway, I’ll get back to you when the results are in, although I’m not sure if I should hand out prizes or not.


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